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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

On June 26, 1993, She went down to Bacarrus in Florida to her Italian parents. 

Ariana’s father is the second husband of Ariana’s mother. 

The CEO of the phone and systems company names Dad Edward as a partner in graphic design. 

Ariana divorced from 8 to 9 years old, Ariana lives with her mother. 

The person I know is actually a watermelon. Boca Ras resident reptile home in Arizona. 

The dormitory of the student before the debut of a singer has private honor.

 ‘the most beautiful soul’ 


Critics have compared Grande’s wide vocal range to that of Mariah Carey. 

Her accolades include three American Music Awards, three MTV Europe Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and six Grammy Award nominations. 

All four of her albums have been certified platinum by the RIAA. 

She has supported a range of charities and has a large following on social media. In 2016, Time named Grande one of the 100 most influential people in the world on their annual list.

In 2018, Billboard named her Woman of the Year.

Fasion & Ponytail

Grande’s ponytail is as famous as her voice and a massive component of the pop culture zeitgeist.

While pulling off a high ponytail takes courage and commitment, so does her recent fashion ode to Marilyn Monroe at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards and her homage to crime-fighting heroes in her ‘Dangerous Woman’ cover art.

She’s boasted floor-length red gowns, chokers, crop tops, and oversize jackets and everything from theater garb (see: flapper dresses) to Mickey Mouse ears to A-line minis.

Which, in an industry rich in self-branding, is a beautiful rarity deft whimsy.

Dismissing Ariana Grande as a fashion force is an easy and lazy way of categorizing her.

Fashion is best when it’s an extension of self and a wearable form of expression.

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