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Jung Kook

Jung kook

Jeon Jung-kook

Name: Jeon Jungkook

Born: September 1, 1997, Manduk-dong, Buk-gu, Busan

Nationality: Korea

Body: 178cm, 69kg, A type, 270mm

Blood type: A type

Company: Big Hit Entertainment

Affiliation: BTS

Position: Main vocals, sub-rappers, lead dancers


The Nicknames of Jeon Jungkook


황금 막내, 전정구기, 꾹토끼, 꾹이, 전씨걸, 정근, 점정국, 전루살이, 쿠키, 근육돼지, 과일, 노츄, 토끼, 꾸꾸, Jungcook, 정국58, Jungshook


"We can smile at our time passing by in the distant future"

Why do you like bts jungkook?

Before jungkook's debut

Jungkook was born and developed as Jeon Jung Kook in Mangdeok-dong, Buk-gu, Busan, Korea on September 1, 1997.

He has a brother (born in 1995) who is a second son.

I graduated from Baekyang Elementary School and participated in audition for superstar K3 who was challenged with dream of singer when I was 15 years old at Baiyang Middle School.

At that time, he received love calls from seven large-scale marketing agencies that he had watched in his country. Finally, he was selected as a trainee by choosing Big Hit Entertainment.

The reason why I chose a big hit with a big promotional company’s love call was, “The RM type came here because it was so cool. I went because of you. “

After transferring to the Shin-gu Middle School in Seoul and graduating in February 2013, they were unable to go to high school immediately due to their debut preparations,

In March 2014, a year later, he entered the Seoul Performing Arts High School and graduated in February 2017.

Currently, he is attending the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Global Cyber ​​University.

BTS's main vocal

It is the main vocal of BTS. BTS has a strong and dynamic choreography. It is closer to emotional vocals than to strong singing.

The country has called for a variety of cover tunes, among which Charlie Puth, also known as Kook don’t talk, is a cover song for the song “We Do not Talk Anymore”.

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