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Lisa is a Thai member of Black Pink.
He is the main dancer, lead rapper and sub vocalist at BLACKPINK.
It is the only foreign member of BLACKPINK and the only pure foreign member to look at YG Entertainment as a whole. (BLACKPINK’s Rosé is a dual national of New Zealand and Korea.)
Name: ล ลิ ษา มโน บาล (Lalisa Manobal, Larissa Mano van)
Born: Bangkok, Thailand on March 27, 1997
Nationality: Thailand
Body: 166cm, 44.7kg, O type
Company: YG Entertainment

Before Lisa's debut

Lisa began her career as a trainee at YG Entertainment from age 15. When I was a child, I also acted as a dance crew called GZ-7 Snake and WZC (WE ZAA COOL). - Since I was living in Korea since I was a child, I am fluent in Korean and can speak Thai, Korean, English and Japanese. Lisa is the only person who has passed the 2010 Audition in Thailand held at YG Entertainment.


Lisa's dancing skills

Jennie of BLACKPINK told her that she played the most dance among Korean girl groups and she showed confidence that she was good at dancing.
In fact, Lisa has long arms and legs that make people feel cool.
Lisa appeared in the idol room and took a look at Twice ‘What Is Love?’ And red velvet ‘red taste’ for a while.


Lisa is the main dancer, lead rapper and sub vocalist at BLACKPINK.
The main dancer is digging to the lead wrapper, so I thought it would be relatively few vocal parts, but he is in charge of vocal parts similar to Jenny. Lisa has the ability to digest all of these things.
It has a unique voice with a boyish and bass tone, and it also gives the impression of a mischief in rappads.
It is very good with the concept of black pink and music, and it plays a role of saving the music of BLACKPINK even more.

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