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Urban Electro Band

It is the boy group that made its debut at Pledis Entertainment in Korea, the 5th boy group of Korea, and the 95th birthday of JR, Baekho, Ren and Minhyun except 93-year-old Aron. On March 15, 2012, he made his debut with the title song ‘FACE’.


A member of the Five-member Boy Group NU’EST of the Republic of Korea. He is the only elder brother of the team and the only elder. He is responsible for sub vocals, sub-rappers, and charms. Kwak, who is not a very good surname in Korea, and some people who know that he is a Chinese or an overseas Chinese because he is a Chinese or an overseas Chinese, is a Korean American who is from a foreign country and his parents are both Koreans.


Korean singer. He is the leader and main rapper of the five-member Boy Group NU’EST, and is the main dancer. The name JR stands for ‘Junior Royal’ and means ‘small noble’ on the stage.


He is a member and main vocal of the 5th Korean Boy Group NU’EST of Korea. In 2017, he stopped the NU’EST activities with JR, Minhye, and Len, and participated in the 101 season 2 as an apprentice. Superstar K2 Jeju Island was followed by a friend who went to the preliminaries and was cast. The name of ‘Baekho’ was built by Yui. If the merits are combined, it will become a gangbangho.


NU’EST’s sweetheart lead vocalist and Warner One’s Honey Voice Emperor Visual He made his debut as a member of Wanna One, debuting in NU’EST roe, a 5-member boy group from Pledis Entertainment in 2012, and finishing ninth in 101 season 2, which aired in April 2017. Positions are lead vocals.


He is a member and sub-vocal of New Korea’s five-member boy group NU’EST. The birthday is the slowest in the team with four elder siblings, and is often treated as the youngest. In 2017, he temporarily suspended New East activities with JR, Baek Ho and Min Hyun and participated in the 101 season 2 as an apprentice, and returned to the New East after his debut match. It is active as NU’EST W now.


NU’EST W won the first prize in music broadcasting after returning to the title song ‘HELP ME’ from KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 7th. .

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