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TWICE is a nine-member, multi-national idol girl group, which has appeared in JYP Entertainment five years after miss A.

Mnet’s survival program, SIXTEEN, has been selected as a member of TWICE now through the selection of Nae Yeon, Jung Yeon, Momo, Sana, Ji Hyo, Mina, Dae Hyun, Chae Young,

From its debut year, it has become a representative girl group with high popularity and biggest fandom among the current generation girl group, showing tremendous record and explosive growth.

The group name TWICE is the name that Park Jin-young made during SIXTEEN, meaning once with the eyes, once with the ears. The brand name Nimist Park Jae-hyun was rated as the best team among the idols who have recently made their debut in the Maritel broadcasting. There is a pronounced strong sound, easy to recognize, a famous word, but not familiar with the freshness of the evaluation. The nickname is ‘twin’, a compound word of TWICE and love. [5] At the time of his debut, it was nicknamed “JYP’s youngest group”.

new realeases

The Best Thing I Ever Did

 ‘Best thing I ever did’ is the R & amp; B genre of a strong groove that Twice challenges for the first time. 

In the lyrics, I remembered the year in December, and I remembered that the most precious memory was that I met someone I love.


Name : Lim Nayeon

Birth : 1995. 9. 22

Nationality : Korea


Name : Yu Jeongyeon

Birth : 1996. 11. 1

Nationality : Korea


Name : Hirai Momo

Birth : 1996. 11. 9

Nationality : Japan


Name : Minatozaki Sana

Birth : 1996. 12. 29

Nationality : Japan


Name : Park Jihyo

Birth : 1997. 2. 1

Nationality : Korea


Name : Myōi Mina

Birth : 1997. 3. 24

Nationality : Japan


Name : Kim Dahyun

Birth : 1998. 5. 28

Nationality : Korea


Name : Son Chaeyoung

Birth : 1999. 4. 23

Nationality : Korea


Name : Chou Tzuyu

Birth : 1999. 4. 23

Nationality : Taiwan

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