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V (Korean name: Kim Tae-hyeong, December 30, 1995 ~) is the sub vocalist of Boy Band Group of BTS in Korea.


On December 30, 1995, V was born Kim Tae-hyung in Bassan-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, South Korea and grew up in Geochang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. He is the eldest son of two sons and one sister (born in 1996) and a younger brother (born in 1997).


V applied to Kaywon Arts High School Music Department, but went to Daegu Jeil High School, which is a general high school. He graduated from Seoul Arts High School in February 2014 and is currently attending Global Cyber ​​University.


Following his friend, he applied for a private audition for Big Hit Entertainment, passed the exam and was accepted as a trainee



His name is Tae-hyung

Name: Kim Tae-hyung

Born: Dec. 30, 1998, Bishan-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

Nationality: Korea

Body: 178cm, 63kg

Blood type: AB type

Foot size: 270mm


nickname is v

The name is English alphabet V, and according to the official setting, it is pronounced V.

V was born Kim Tae-hyung on December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea, and grew up in Geochang County. He is the eldest of three children, with a younger brother and sister. V first aspired to be a professional singer in elementary school, and eventually began taking saxophone lessons in early middle school as a means of pursuing the career. V initially became a trainee for Big Hit Entertainment after passing an audition in Daegu.

After graduating from Korean Arts High School in 2014, V enrolled in Global Cyber University.



Husky Voice

V has a husky voice and is in charge of bass on the BTS vocal line.

Sometimes you scrape your neck and make a sound, and sometimes you make a sound without scratching. Buzzy husky bass sound gives a sense of stability and power to listen to the music of BTS.

‘첫눈에 널 알아보게 됐어 서로를 불러왔던 것처럼.. 내 혈관 속 DNA가 말해줘 내가 찾아 헤매던 너라는 걸..’

The introduction of the attractive bass of the DNA that Buzz has contributed to informing the BTS around the world.

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